Interview with Joyce Mercedes

I love to watch movies and to spend time with my friends

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Who is Joyce Mercedes, tell us all a bit more about yourself?
I am a real person, loyal, creative, emphatic, wanna get the best out of things when I put my energy in it when I really want something. I am perfectionist, which can be a drag sometimes, a total control freak. Love to laugh and spend time with my friends (when I can) the best for me is to be very busy, the busy I am, the more happy I am, otherwise I get bored.

What do you do to relax? Any hobbies besides music? 
I love to watch movies and to spend time with my friends, just chilling a little bit, having dinner or lunch. I follow acting lessons and ballet lessons.

What is your first memory of music ? 
I been thinking hard on this question..i was a classical ballet dancer from very young, so classical music for sure , I was always dancing in my house on Beethoven when I was 6 or 7..i was never really caught by one thing.. although when Madonna arise, I loved her person and her music very, very much. For me I think this was the big first thing that caught me.

What is your favourite piece of equipment you use in the studio or for DJing and why? 
The computer, what can I do without it?

If you could pick just three tracks that you've really liked over the years, which tracks would that be and why?
Matthew Dekay – If I could fly - Is such a beautiful sensitive track, it touches my heart
Echomen - Substance – Also very very beautiful, I heard it for the first time in the morning on a mountain in Ibiza when the sun was coming up. It touched me immediately. So, so sensitive
Delirium - Silence (Sanctuary mix) - I love the drive of this track, the sounds, the whole vibe, gives me energy.. makes me move

What would you say is the best record that you've bought in the last 5 years and why is it so good? 
Ghost by Lexicon Avenue. I bought this record many years ago, never played it… worse, I did not really realize I got it. When I was going through my old records half a year ago, I found it. I play the track now a lot and I love it so much!! So something I buy 5 years ago, I use so much now, definitely this one I would say!

If you were to choose one producer that you would like to produce tracks with, which ones would it be and why?
At this moment Andre Absolute, love his work, his vibe, the sounds he uses..yes my major men at this moment.

You have gone from fairly unknown to a more well known DJ worldwide in a fairly short time, do think the transition has been hard? 
You grow into something of course, things don’t happen overnight. I DJ now for 7 years and I learned a lot over the years..

What is the best advice you have to beginners who would like to get into producing and also DJing, in reference how you started out? 
Don’t give up, work hard, focus, know your talents, don’t give up, make sure you have a lot of knowledge in what you do.

What is more important to you, when it comes to skills and DJing ? Ability to please the crowd or music choice?
Music choice

What do you think would be the next big thing in the electronic dance music industry over the coming 3-5 years? 
something bigger than the move from an analogue time to a digital one, will not be. I really don’t know what will be next.

What do you have planned for the winter/spring of 2005/2006 and where can we hear you play? there is my tour schedule, there are many nice things coming up..

Please list your favourite all time top 5 tracks that have changed you and your music?
mm mm hard to say, I don’t have really favourite tracks.. I love all kinds of music. So no I don’t have, I like with or without you from U2, I always liked Madonna a lot, 2pac was a major man for me too, loved his tracks. I like lounge music too. Now I am into 50cent.. so yeah, I like everything as long as it is high quality.

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