Stick It Out by Joe Metzenmacher feat. DJ Deeon

Joe Metzenmacher returns alongside DJ Deeon to Heideton Records with Stick It Out, a raw call to the dance floor, backed with a remix from Virginia.

Stick It Out by Joe Metzenmacher feat. DJ Deeon Art by Heideton Records

Stick it out? There are multiple meanings of this versatile phrase. If you stick out a job, you are tolerating an unsatisfactory position. If you're in a terrible nightclub and you stick it out, you stay much longer than you really should (and you'll probably have a nice hangover the following morning, just to remind you). Stick it out could mean persevere, remain, endure, linger, hold on, see-through or tough it out. But we have a sneaking suspicion that this stick it out doesn't mean that at all. Oh, no. We believe that this stick it out might refer to the derrière, the behind, the buttocks, the hindquarters, the buttocks, the rear end, the rump, the cheeks, the Sitzfleich, la fesse, or let's get right to the point: BOOTY.

This tune is about gender-neutral body positivity. No body-shaming here. On the dancefloor, we are all equal. Naturally enough, the main mix is a proper booty shaker. With its sturdy rhythm, strong enough to race horses with, it drives like the best of Chicago's hard-trax, with DJ Deeon as the willing MC atop this gleaming stallion. On the Instrumental Dub, we give DJ Deeon a well-earned rest and let the keyboards and drums do the heavy-lifting, and while the keyboards are low in the mix they offer just the right amount of threat to make the track drive (and possibly, even, jump).

For the final mix, we've drafted in Munich's gifted DJ/producer/singer/all-around talent, Virginia, resident at Berghain, and the woman behind latter-day classics like "Yours" (with DJ Steffi). Virginia takes the track off into deeper territory, its bassline burrowing deep into the earth's core while the jittery electro-fied drums pulse and vibrate underneath aquatic keyboards swimming towards Bad Fallingbostel. Drexciya would've approved.

Joe Metzenmacher feat. DJ Deeon - Stick It Out
Release Date December 2021
Label Heideton Records

1. Stick It Out
2. Stick It Out (Instrumental Dub Version)
3. Stick It Out (Virginia Remix)

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