AutoClub drop their Apparition EP

AutoClub drops an acid-fuelled, deep, and dubby house release on Kajunga Records entitled Apparition EP.

AutoClub drop their Apparition EP Photo by Kajunga Records

"An Apparition" introduces the hazy feeling of AutoClub's "Apparition EP" with a thundering kick, dubbed-out chords, and a mysterious vocal sample topped off with a funky 303 interlude. The A2 track, "CoupCoup," then builds late-night suspense with looming strings and chords driven by deep, groove-soaked percussion.

"Molecular" kicks off the B side with eerie vocal samples and gorgeous, otherworldly synth work, held together with a heavy broken beat and a morphing acid line. This is before "It's You" summarises the EP's concept with a mesmerizing exploration through propulsive percussion, deep bass, and immersive, evolving chords. Lastly, "Delos Infidelity" joins the release as a digital bonus with smooth, dreamlike melodies and detailed, interlaid grooves.

Mike McClure and Craig Lambert form AutoClub. Craig, known as Midnight Music Club, and McClure, going by the alias of Autokinetic, join forces to create modern music rooted in old-school sound through live performance, blending futuristic electronic music with refreshing human qualities. They now land on Kajunga Records, a label with a discography spanning the left-field recordings of artists such as Lonefront, Heckadecimal, Ryote, and Lambert's Midnight Music Club.

AutoClub - Apparition EP
Release Date 22nd September 2023
Label Kajunga Records

01. An Apparition
02. CoupCoup
03. Molecular
04. It's You
05. Delos Infidelity (Digital Bonus)

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