China Queen EP by Nuno Dos Santos & Falco Benz

My Favorite Robot Records welcomes two new artists to the label in the form of Portuguese born, Dutch national Nuno Dos Santos and fellow Dutchman Falco Benz.

China Queen EP by Nuno Dos Santos & Falco Benz Photo by My Favorite Robot Records

Nuno Dos Santos, head honcho of Something Happening Somewhere, has long been putting out underground house and techno. Besides classic tracks like ‘Hamming’ and his recent ‘Trigonometry of Love’ EP on his SoHaSo label,  he has done remixes for Christian Löffler and Hunter/Game as well as for labels such as Planet E and D Edge. Benz, meanwhile, is a synth lover who favours soulful chords and melodies, disco beats from drum machines and 21st Century modernism and has ties to Magnetron Music.

First up here, the pair offer the excellently quirky ‘Saupaulo’, a warped deep house tune with gloopy bass wriggling away underneath crisp percussion. The drums are stiff and the whole thing has a freaky, after party vibe that really gets into your brain, especially thanks to the manic melodies that rain down the face of the whole thing.

On the flip, ‘China Queen’ is even deeper and more stripped back, with drums and bass joined by panning sci-fi sounds and circling spacecraft. It’s curious and intriguing and unfolds with a real sense of narrative that occupies your head as your feet tap away.

Nuno Dos Santos & Falco Benz - China Queen EP
Release Date 12th May 2017
Label My Favorite Robot Records

1. Saupaulo
2. China Queen

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