BTRAX Records presents 25 Years of Electronic Music

This year, the legendary BTRAX Records celebrates its 25th birthday with a bumper new collection curated by founders Ben Men & Rob Malone.

BTRAX Records presents 25 Years of Electronic Music Art by BTRAX Records

The multifaceted French duo are both DJs, record dealers, vinyl distributors, producers, and party promoters who have been at the forefront of France’s electronic music since the early nineties. Their BTRAX events at REX Club, from 2001 to 2019 (the club's longest-running techno residency) saw the likes of Extrawelt, Etapp Kyle, Steve Rachmad, Gregor Tresher, Scan 7, Guy Gerber, Deetron, and many more playing. During that time, the pair co-founded Paris-based imprint BTRAX Records which continues to grow its catalog with music from titans like Orlando Voorn, Thomas Barnett, Altroy, DJ Rolando, Petar Dundov, Secret Cinema, and Elyas.

The first 12 cuts on the album are all picked from the label's vital discography. Scan 7's "Thoughts" kicks off with some chunky techno funk which is followed by Vince Watson's majestic synth-heavy remix of Electric Rescue, a brain-frying Scan 7 remix and then timeless originals from Julian Jeweil, Ben Men, and Robben. Remixes from the likes of DJ Mau Mau, Traumer, and Terrence Parker have more than stood the test of time with each one offering different techno visions.

The all-new and exclusive remixes run from track 13 to 24 and include names long associated with this crew. There is deep and dreamy synth techno from Altroy, warehouse-ready rawness from Double Trouble, well-swung drums from Elyas, abstract minimalism from DJ Mau Mau, and the same track becomes a piece of high-tech soul at the hands of Orlando Voorn. Croatian Petar Dundov is in scintillating form on his cosmic remix while Detroit don DJ Rolando goes for a blissful and dubbed-out vibe on his remix. Scan X, Squal G, Thomas Barnett, Ricky Sinz, and Secret Cinema then bring their own signature styles. The album rounds out with two new and unreleased gems from Rob and Ben themselves.

This is a superb mix of the past, present, and future of techno from one of Europe's most influential labels over the last quarter of a century.

Various Artists - BTRAX25 - 25 Years of Electronic Music
Release Date July 2022
Label BTRAX Records

1. Scan 7 - Thoughts (Original mix)
2. Electric Rescue - Forthcoming (Vince Watson Remix)
3. Alix Roy - Club you (Scan X Remix)
4. Julian Jeweil - Error (Original mix)
5. Ben Men - The journey (Original mix)
6. Camille Rodriguez - Andalusian 2.0 (Traumer remix)
7. Ben Men - Black light (Terrence Parker Remix)
8. Robben - Resilience (Original mix)
9. Ben Men - Pequetita (Dj Mau Mau remix)
10. Rob Malone - Bravery (Original mix)
11. Squal G - L4 (Original mix)
12. Double Trouble - Trouble in space (Original mix)
13. Rob Malone - Exit D (Altroy remix)
14. Rob Malone - Bravery (Double Trouble Remix)
15. Robben - No future (Elyas remix)
16. Ben Men - Black light (Dj Mau Mau Remix)
17. Ben Men - Black light (Orlando Voorn Remix)
18. Ben Men - Dust (Petar Dundov Remix)
19. Ben Men - Morning glory (Dj Rolando Remix)
20. Ben Men - Metro (Scan X Remix)
21. Rob Malone - Bravery (Squal G Remix)
22. Robben - Resilience (Thomas Barnett Remix)
23. Ben Men - Black light (Ricky Sinz Remix)
24. Rob Malone - Exit D (Secret Cinema Remix)
25a. Rob Malone - Motorcity (Original mix)
25b. Ben Men - 25 (Original mix)

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