Interview with Ant Brooks

We sat down with Ant Brooks to find out a bit more about what is happening in 2011 and what we all should look out for from Ant Brooks.

Interview with Ant Brooks Photo by Ant Brooks

Were are you in the world and what can you see out of your window?
I'm based in Coventry in the Midlands. At the minute all I can see is more houses...and a tree.

Describe 2010 in three words?
Adventurous, fun & hard work!

Tell us what to expect from you in 2011?
I'm working very hard to make 2011 my biggest year yet. I have new management and have just also just re-branded, which has given me a whole new energy and I'm really excited about it all. I have lots of new music on the way along with some very exciting collaborations. So watch this space!

What inspires you to make music?
I'd have to say other music. Listening to other music gives me lots of ideas. It's hard to listen to new tracks these days without sitting there analysing it! I always have my iPod on me with new music.

What artists have you/would you most like to collaborate with?
In the past I have collaborated with Michael Woods, Jon Rundell, Pete Griffiths and am currently working on a track with Matteo DiMarr. Artists that I'd love to work with include D.Ramirez, Dubfire, Pirupa, Steve Lawler, Santos & Nic Fanciulli.

Is there anything you are currently working on that we should keep our eyes peeled for?
I have just finished a 2 track EP which I am going to be giving out for free at the end of January called "The Deeper EP". Also a recent collaboration with Pete Griffiths I am really excited about. This will be out on the forthcoming Toolroom Miami compilation. It has a really big breakdown which goes off in the clubs! 

Following that I have an EP coming out on Leaders Of The New School and a single release on Neurotraxx. I also have a catalogue of unsigned great new music ready to drop in 2011.

What other labels have you worked with?
Well my producer career has been relatively short but previous labels I have worked with include Size, Toolroom, CR2 Strictly Rhythm, Starlight, 303 Lovers, Diffused, and Suara amongst others..

What was the last gig you played at that gave you goosebumps? 
NYE at Kinetik was massive for me! Absolutely loved the crowd there. 

Do you get much downtime if so how do you spend it?
I don't actually have downtime apart from when I'm sleeping. I am a bit of a workaholic, but to be honest it's not really work when you enjoy it is it?

To those wanting to get into the industry and make it as a DJ what three pieces of advice would you give them?
1. Be nice to people! 
2. Learn to produce music. It's the only way to progress. Learning to do it all yourself is the key to longevity in the industry.
3. Make and play the music YOU love and stick to it. It takes a long time and people do give in but it's those that stick at it and have that passion that will get to where they want to be.

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