Interview with Norman Doray

Mathias Haegglund caught up with Norman Doray to talk about Twitter, Touring, and Chasing the sun. Norman Doray is, by the way, coming to Uppsala, Sweden on the 18th of September to play Saluhallen. This is what Norman told us.

Interview with Norman Doray Photo by Norman Doray

Congratulations on the success of "Chase The Sun" featuring David Tort on Beatport. It's a remake of the old Planet Funk classic, isn't it?
Thanks a lot! Yeah it's a remake of this big hit "Chase the sun" from Planet Funk. I always loved the original it was massive but I couldn't play it in my set because it was more Pop related. So when I went to David's studio in Barcelona, I came up with this idea and...we did it ;)

You have a new track out together with Tim Berg & Sebastien Drums on Size Records called "Tweet it". Any special idea behind the name of the track or just for laughs?
Yeah its a special idea from me actually ahahah...We were making the track in studio and when we finished it, I was on twitter as always (I love it !!) and we were looking for a title. and I said yeah lets find the title and lets tweet it ahahah...and then it came straight "Tweet It". It's really funny!

On the 18th of September you are visiting Uppsala in Sweden to play Saluhallen. What can we expect to hear from you? Any brand new tracks you are going to play?
To be honest I don't know what to expect, I don't even know where it is on the map hahaha... Last week I had dinner with Axwell and asked him about the city, and he told me that it should be nice, so I trust him :)

Yeah I have many many things to test out. I'm constantly producing or looking for new tracks, so its cool.

Over the past few years you remixed some of the most successful tracks such as Woz Not Woz & When Love Takes Over. Do you have a secret weapon when taking on a remix job like those two?
Not really. The only to do is to get away for the original which is big..You need to keep it simple, but really efficient. This is what I did with the David Guetta's Remix I think. I'm still playing it in my sets ;)

How do you relax, considering that you are more or less on the road almost the whole year? Any tip for our bedroom bedlams?
I relax with my friends and family when I'm at home. I also play a lot of sport, I need to. When I'm travelling or in the hotels rooms, I play video games, watch movies or simply try to sleep as much as I can :)

What are the plans for Norman Doray for the rest of 2010 and early 2011?
I have many many things coming. My new track TWEET IT has just been released on Size Records. I have a new single called "Home" which is coming soon. Then another one. I'm also finishing a Remix for Defected. A part from that I have a lot of gigs around the world. I'm leaving tomorrow for a Tour in Brazil, then I'm going to do a big tour in USA, first time for me.

Please, do list your current top 5 tracks
Norman Doray, Tim berg, Sebastien Drums - Tweet it
Julie Mc Knight - Diamond Life (Daddys Groove Rmx)
Those Usual Suspects - Feel The Need (Big Room Mix)
Marco V - Reaver
Norman Doray & David Tort - The Sun (Thomas Gold Rmx)

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