La Cura by Antonello Teora feat. Thugwidow

Italian artist Antonello Teora joins Blizzard Audio Club label for an emotive jungle single featuring Thugwidow and a remix from the legendary John Beltran.

La Cura by Antonello Teora feat. Thugwidow Photo by Blizzard Audio Club

Antonello Teora is a versatile, unpredictable DJ and producer from Italy. Currently residing in Milan after spending three years in Berlin where he was heavily involved in the thriving, local club scene running parties with his collective and developed a voracious hunger for art on a sonic and visual level.

Antonello Teora with his own variegated, wavy, and bass-oriented style forces to put the attention on his own musical landscape and his previous releases on Syncretism, Goldenboy, and now the Swiss label Blizzard Audio Club truly highlights his ever-evolving creative vision. He's joined on the release with a remix from John Beltran who's been on the circuit since the early 90s and has many seminal releases on various imprints in the past 30 years including Delsin, Carl Craig's Retroactive imprint, and Peacefrog.

"La Cura" comes from the digital connection between Antonello Teora and the Manchester beatmaker Alex Lowther-Harris aka Thugwidow. The single features breezy, inspiring pads, frenetic, vintage jungle breaks, melodious keys and warm low frequencies that pulsate throughout before John Beltran's delightful mix offers up soothing vocals, shimmering bass plucks fused harmoniously with the exquisite ambient synths in typical Beltran fashion.

Antonello Teora feat. Thugwidow - La Cura
Release Date January 2021
Label Blizzard Audio Club

1. La Cura feat. Thugwidow
2. La Cura feat. Thugwidow (John Beltran Mix)

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