Looking For Something EP by Sante Sansone

Sante Sansone steps up on Hellbent Records to deliver his two-track EP, Looking For Something.

Looking For Something EP by Sante Sansone Photo by Hellbent Records

Hitting a trio of releases in a row via Solid Grooves Raw, Kaluki Musik, and Revival New York, Sante Sansone's 2022 is quickly proving to be one of his biggest years so far. Next up, the Italian DJ and producer heads onto Cloonee's flourishing Hellbent Records with two powerful productions across his "Looking For Something EP".

Warping an iconic sample, "Looking For Something" welcomes a tough cut armed with rolling kicks and wavering melodies, before "El Classico" switches things up as skittering drums and heavy low-ends combine with Latin vocal bursts to deliver more dancefloor heat from a label on the rise.

Sante Sansone - Looking For Something EP
Release Date September 2022
Label Hellbent Records

1. Looking For Something
2. El Classico

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