New Mercedes-Benz fragrance trilogy

Created by French master perfumer Anne Flipo, the three new fragrances, Land, Sea, and Air, draw on the Mercedes star and its iconic meaning.

New Mercedes-Benz fragrance trilogy Photo by Mercedes-Benz

For over a century, the iconic three-pointed star has represented the link between land, sea, and air mobility. A new trilogy of fragrances by Mercedes-Benz in cooperation with INCC Parfums revisits this idea of the three essential elements: created by French master perfumer Anne Flipo, the Eau de parfum Land, Sea, and Air can be worn separately, in harmonious balance or as a personally preferred combination. The fragrances are available both as individual Eau de parfum and as a complete trilogy, the latter in special packaging where the three flasks meet in the shape of a Mercedes-Benz star.

The stylish bottles are also a homage to Mercedes-Benz: on the one hand, in terms of the design, the three flacons together form the shape of the Mercedes star when viewed from above. And on the other because, the choice of materials shows a responsible approach to the elements of earth, water, and air. In selecting the raw materials for the perfume, transparency concerning origin, quality, and sustainability was given just as much attention as in the production of the bottles. These are made from recycled aluminum and glass, with a removable threaded pump for refilling.

The outer packaging is made of recyclable and biodegradable paper that contains up to 10 percent seaweed and is produced using 100 percent renewable energy. In addition, the three fragrances are available in the 30 ml size as a set, which comes in a high-quality pouch in white or brown leather, according to choice. In the spirit of upcycling, waste leather from the production of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class interior was used for the leather pouch.

Three fragrances, multiple wearing options
Each element of the Mercedes-Benz fragrance trilogy unfolds its universe of scent. Thanks to the joint base, the three fougère perfumes offer the possibility of layering - and can be combined in four other different ways depending on the occasion, personal preference, or current mood.

Mercedes-Benz Land eau de parfum

The fragrance Mercedes-Benz Land combines the warm, woody touch of patchouli with slightly spicy and sensual hints of cocoa shell and tonka bean. The freshness of rosemary camphor rounds it off with velvety-fine hints of geranium and a trace of aromatic fir resin.

Mercedes-Benz Sea eau de parfum

Mercedes-Benz Sea exudes the restorative power of a crashing wave, with an intense hint of violet leaf enlivened by fruity mandarin - a salty, leathery note of seaweed rounds off the maritime character of this fragrance.

Mercedes-Benz Air eau de parfum

The herbily fragrant artemisia oil used in Mercedes-Benz Air is exceptionally relaxing. It is accompanied by highly aromatic base notes of angelica and a delicate floral touch of petitgrain. The fragrance is complemented by the tangy aroma of citrus and the spiciness of turmeric leaves.

The option of layering results in four exceptional fragrance combinations:
Land+Sea, a woody maritime fragrance
Land+Air, a woody citrus fragrance
Sea+Air, a maritime citrus fragrance
Land+Sea+Air, a woody maritime citrus fragrance. 

Mercedes-Benz perfumes
Mercedes-Benz and INCC Parfums have been working together since 2011. The first joint fragrance, "Mercedes-Benz for Men," was launched in 2012. The portfolio was subsequently extended by the six main fragrance lines "Mercedes-Benz Sign," "Mercedes-Benz The Move," "Mercedes-Benz Man," Mercedes-Benz Select," “Mercedes-Benz for Men,” and "Mercedes-Benz Club," as well as the two women's fragrances "Mercedes-Benz Woman" and "Mercedes-Benz for Women." The fragrances are available from the INCC online shop.

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