Splitted by Marco Cassanelli and Deckard

Italian modular live act Marco Cassanelli and Deckard return to T.A.Rock Records Electronic Division with a new mini-LP entitled Splitted.

Splitted by Marco Cassanelli and Deckard Photo by Sabrina Ferro

Producers Marco Cassanelli and Beppe "Deckard" Massara follow up their previous collaborations on the label, "Opus Sectile" and "Pyramiden" with an improvisational album titled "Splitted". It is an amalgamation of sonic elements closely resembling their live performances and is the result of several studio sessions in Trani, Puglia. Additionally, the release is part of the lineup for "Programmazione Puglia Sounds 2022", an initiative that supports and strengthens musical projects coming out of the world-renowned South Italian region.

Armed with analog and modular synthesizers, Marco Cassanelli and Deckard take you on an emotive journey inspired by geometry and symmetry used in all visual arts. Characterized by their dynamic compositions, the six tracks flow as one - incorporating components from one another, remixed according to the artist's mood.

From the imaginative dreamscapes of bonus track "Abandoned Town" through to the playful synth lines of "Rectangle", the release offers vibrant textures from start to finish. Its trippy, ambient atmospheres display the pair's mastery of the instruments they wield and provide another outstanding release for the label.

Marco Cassanelli and Deckard - Splitted
Release Date June/July 2022
Label T.A.Rock Records Electronic Division

01. Abandoned Town (Bonus Track)
02. Hexagon
03. Triangle
04. Pentagon
05. Trapeze
06. Rectangle

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