Raw Beatz EP by Demuir

Following the label’s reinvention, the next release on Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato’s Rawthentic features three rolling house tracks entitled Raw Beatz EP from Canada’s Demuir and a remix from DJ Sneak.

Raw Beatz EP by Demuir Photo by Alex Chan

Hailing from Toronto, Demuir is on fire at the moment. Recent projects include collaborating with Cassy on her Kwench Records, releasing on Osunlade’s Yoruba Records, Classic Music Company and Jesse Rose’s Play It Down. He’s also made numerous appearances on DJ Sneak’s labels I’m A House Gangster and Magnetic Recordings, dropping his full-length album "TruSkool" on the latter.

Comfortable as a live performer as much as he is spinning records, Demuir has perfected his craft within Canada’s best venues, whilst globally he’s made recent appearances at A Club Called Rhonda in Los Angeles, Miami Music Week, Amsterdam Dance Event, The BPM Festival in Mexico and Ibiza appearances.

Robust kicks, shuffling hats and purring bass propel "Brotha" forward as an echoing spoken female vocal repeats the track’s title, leading into the moody aesthetic of "Full Moon In Sagittarius" with its murmuring vox and mesmerising atmospherics. Whirring synths and effervescent effects then form the dusky sounding "Raw Beatz U Ain't Ready" until DJ Sneak concludes the package with his remix of "Brotha", featuring intricate percussion and funky bass licks to generate a truly compelling groove.

Demuir - Raw Beatz EP
Release Date
May 2018
Label Rawthentic

1. Brotha
2. Full Moon In Sagittarius
3. Raw Beatz U Ain’t Ready
4. Brotha (DJ Sneak Remix)

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