Stalker by Sophia Saze & RDO/ATK

In collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist RDO/ATK, Sophia Saze makes a long-awaited return to her Dusk & Haze imprint with four slamming cuts on a release entitled Stalker.

Stalker by Sophia Saze & RDO/ATK Photo by Dusk & Haze

Born in Tbilisi and now residing in Philadelphia after years of living a nomadic lifestyle, Sophia Saze began her creative journey in her formative years with classical music and dance training. With a solid and natural musical foundation, Sophia became engulfed by electronic music leading to the launch of her Dusk & Haze imprint in 2017, before dropping a remix of Heathered Pearls on Ghostly International and the release of her much-lauded debut album on Kingdoms. "Stalker" sees her team up with old friend RDO/ATK who has been soaking up the dancefloor since the early 90s.

With much of his influence stemming from the early east coast rave and club scene, his sound maintains a homage to the past without getting stuck in it. A sucker for a dirty 303, a breakneck amen, or a crushed 909, RDO/ATK's style spans across genres from jungle to acid to broken beat and everything in-between.

The EP kicks off with a dynamic, jungle roller entitled "Stalker" featuring old-school, amen breaks, stirring yet intriguing synths and hefty bass shatters balancing styles of glitch and funk together with pure class whilst "Fucking Crazy B" lays focus on cold, syncopated grooves, chopped up shrieks and screams from a video of a traumatic personal incident and shimmering pads moving into ominous territories.

On the flip, "Talk To You In Your Brain" delivers relentless kicks and spiraling acid squelches peppered with chilling vocal samples and frazzled fx that pulsates strikingly throughout until "Acid B" rounds off proceedings with an effervescent, warehouse techno cut as the electrifying modulations bounce gracefully off the menacing percussion and slashing, 303 tones.

Sophia Saze & RDO/ATK - Stalker
Release Date February 2021
Label Dusk & Haze

1. Stalker
2. Fucking Crazy B
3. Talk To You In Your Brain
4. Acid B

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