The Love And Sex EP by Spencer Parker

Spencer Parker debuts on HE.SHE.THEY Records with the strident Love And Sex EP.

The Love And Sex EP by Spencer Parker Photo by Yonathan Baraki

The Rekids mainstay and Work Them Records boss is known for his ability to skip between house, techno, and disco in his production and DJ sets and, here, has delivered a two-tracker that sees him embrace a synth-driven sound for the imprint born of the inclusive party series, HE.SHE.THEY.

Hi energy and pounding, both tracks on "The Love And Sex EP" are uncompromising workouts, and whether via the tuned vocoder loops of "I'm In Love With You" or the penetrating repetition of the title in the moodier "Sex", each track is distinctly memorable earworm stuff.

Spencer Parker - The Love And Sex EP
Release Date November 2020

01. I'm In Love With You
02. Sex

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