Unlock Recordings presents Collaborations 1

Unlock Recordings present their new vinyl-only series with the first of three parts featuring Leonel Castillo, Jorge Savoretti & Paco Wegmann, Fosky, and Franco Cinelli.

Unlock Recordings presents Collaborations 1 Photo by Unlock Recordings

Founded by Solimano, Unlock Recordings was originally established to promote Latin American productions in 2004 and has since hosted the likes of Guti and Jorge Savoretti. Having worked as ‘Mr. X’ at Red Bull Academy for almost a decade, Solimano has also performed at the likes of Creamfields Buenos Aires, South American Music Conference and Space World Tour. The ‘Collaborations’ series will see three vinyl only releases with the artwork designed by Argentinian graphic talent Gisela Faure.

Leonel Castillo’s ‘Vibraphonistix’ meanders forward with heady drums and upbeat atmospherics to generate a sultry aesthetic geared for outdoors parties in the sun. Savor Music founder Jorge Savoretti then pairs up with Romania’s Paco Wegmann for a moody number named ‘Din Cartier’ complete with rhythmic percussion and echoing synths. Fosky’s ‘Benefits’ then takes things into deeper territories using dubby tape delays and subtle nuances until Franco Cinelli concludes the release with the animated ‘Mind Out’.

Various Artists - Collaborations 1
Release Date July 2016
Label Unlock Recordings

A1. Leonel Castillo - Vibraphonistix
A2. Jorge Savoretti & Paco Wegmann - Din Cartier 
B1. Fosky - Benefits
B2. Franco Cinelli - Mind Out

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