Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand) by Phuture

Legendary American house outfit Phuture returns on DJ Pierre's Afro Acid label along with remixes from K'Alexi Shelby and KMRT.

Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand) by Phuture Art by Afro Acid

Windy City innovators Phuture formed in 1985 and soon went on to change the sound of house music. The iconic group famously invented acid when tinkering with their Roland TB-303 bass synth and went on to write several seminal cuts from "Acid Tracks" to "Rise From Your Grave" via "We Are Phuture." Members have come and gone over the years but DJ Pierre has remained a core part of the group and the sound has always remained forward-thinking and unique. They prove that once more here with this new outing on Pierre's Afro Acid label.

The brilliantly dark and forceful "Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!)" has swinging beats and raw percussion with a menacing spoken word vocal looped up top. More intense voices add further dystopian energy next to twisted synth stabs and a fat bassline that never quits. Remixer K'Alexi Shelby is one of Chicago's enduring pioneers and someone who does it all from deep to acid house on a range of influential labels. His take on the original is more prickly, with fizzing synths and a cacophony of percussion run through with more raved-up sounds.

A KMRT remix then flips the cut into a high-tempo acid banger with warped 303s rippling through the mix as techno drums and rumbling bass all pump the party in old-school fashion before a Dark Techno mix closes out with chunky drum funk, oversized hi-hats, and tripped out melodies that will bring carnage to the dance floor.

Phuture - Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!)
Release Date 29th March 2024
Label Afro Acid

01. Phuture - Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!)
02. Phuture - Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!) (K'Alexi Shelby Remix)
03. Phuture - Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!) (Kmrt Remix)
04. Phuture - Power Concedes Nothing (Without Demand!) (Dark Techno MiX)

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