909 Basement EP by Santé

Knee Deep in Sound welcomes Santé to the imprint with the three, all original tracks, 909 Basement EP.

909 Basement EP by Santé Photo by Knee Deep In Sound

Berlin’s Santé has been on a meteoric rise over the past few years with releases for the likes of Hot Creations, Gruuv, Saved, ViVa and of course his very own AVOTRE imprint bringing him further into the limelight. Here though we see Santé slot perfectly into the Knee Deep In Sound roster with a fresh three-track EP.

Title track ‘909 Basement’ kicks off the release and as the would suggest lays down a dark dance floor focused vibe fuelled by weighty 909 percussion, glitched out vocal licks and fluttering synth swells.

‘Text Message’ follows and retains a similar aesthetic with crunchy drums, heady synth licks and a heavy sub bass drive. The package is then rounded off with ‘Endless’, which takes things a bit deeper via soft chord stabs, shuffled percussion and a warm sub driven bass hook.

Santé - 909 Basement EP
Release date 27th May 2016
Label Knee Deep In Sound

1. 909 Basement
2. Text Message
3. Endless

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