Relapse EP by Monoblok & PSLKTR

French duo Monoblok & PSLKTR return to the Meant label with a superb new EP of emotive, vocal lead electronica replete with remixes from Rework, Arnaud Rebotini, and My Favorite Robot.

Relapse EP by Monoblok & PSLKTR Photo by Cedric Dubus

Yann Aubertot and Benoit Mascot AKA Monoblok & PSLKTR have been releasing oustanding left of centre, electro fuelled music for the past 5 years, racking up singles on imprints such as Notorious Elektro and Lebensfreude Records before finding a home with Remain’s Meant Records. Their music is a seamless fusion of rolling electronic grooves melded with their own indie-rock influences and twisted vocal offerings and this latest package is another perfect example of their eclectic musical style.

The EP opens with title track ‘Relapse’, a bouncing and dark edged slice of hypnotic indie electronica. Rubbery live bass and atmospheric guitar licks play against off-kilter synth lines and an insistent drum pattern to create an ethereal soundbed for the duo’s nuwave, gothic vocals. The original is followed with a remix from German production outfit and label mates Rework who stripped things back, delivering a spacious reinterpretation that eschews the live elements in favour of a more minimal approach.

The second of the two original cuts sees Monoblok&PSLKTR drop the tempo and turn up the electro funk for the excellent ‘Walking Disaster’. The original version focuses on old school arp lines, dark sweeps and haunting vocals whilst Black Strobe man Arnaud Rebotini provides a remix which boosts the intensity with metallic hits, swirling FX and a reverb drenched sound.

Finally Canadian three piece My Favorite Robot get to grips with ‘Relapse’ turning in a reworking that brings the tracks cinematic flair to the fore, wrapping the darkly illuminating guitars around stuttering beats and claustrophobic delays, mesmerising stuff.

Meant Records have delivered once again, with an EP that beautifully blurs the lines between indie and electronic music.

Monoblok & PSLKTR - Relapse EP
Release date 12th January 2015
Label Meant Records

1. Relapse (Original mix)
2. Relapse (Rework Remix)
3. Walking Disaster (Original mix)
4. Walking Disaster (Arnaud Rebotini Remix)
5. Relapse (My Favorite Robot Remix)

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