Alice Rose presents Teardrops

Manual Music does it again, this time with Alice Rose and the song Teardrops, a beautiful, mystic song and a video to match.

Alice Rose presents Teardrops Photo by Stefan Kranefeld

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Alice Rose plays and sings beautiful, mesmerizing and thoroughly modern music that captures the essence of the old world and the new. Her one-woman performances, her stunning vocals, her jugglers skill using samplers, computer, beatboxes, strings, casios, keyboards, harmonicas, and toys all come together in a delicious concoction of electro-folk equal parts trip-hop, pop, electronica, and dance.

She is a true adventurer in the music world today and is constantly exploring new grounds over the past few years, this intriguing Danish singer performed mainly in the Netherlands at Lowlands, Oerol, Robodock, Pukkelpop and many other special venues in the Benelux. Whoever saw her perform live on stage, will remember her very unique musical style and performance. During her electro-acoustic shows, drum computers, casios and effect machines are spread out across the table.

Alice also plays the viola with her own bowing style and sings her intriguing lyrics with a voice that spans a wide register, from the sweet angelic to the hard and wild... her performances are always entertaining and fun. The repertoire stretches from folky easy-listening songs to modern electro and from lo-fi experimental to uptempo dance. For the past year, a guest musician has joined her act, Tom Ashforth(UK) who enhances the performance with his own stage presence, daring guitar riffs, and electronics. The 2007 showcase, Eurosonic, opened the ears of the Danish music community and gave her the chance to perform at SPOT and Roskilde festivals in Denmark.

So far, Alice has released 2 studio albums: ‘Tales of sailing’ (2006), ‘Mora with the golden gun’ (2007) and the unique concept art album ’21 Days’ (2007), a bunch of songs written, recorded and released in 21 days and is also available as a book. She is currently working on the release of her next album with producers John parish and Gabriel Ananda. It is coming out in November 2013 on Manual Music.

Alice Rose - Teardrops
Release date 26th August 2013
Label Manual Music

1. Teardrops
2. Teardrops (Gabriel Ananda Glitch Mix)
3. Teardrops (Tiger Rose Back To The 80's Remix)    
4. Teardrops (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)

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