Lifetime by Tobiahs

Tobiahs drop a highly anticipated track, Lifetime, following 9+ million views on a viral video from his live set.

Lifetime by Tobiahs Photo by Mushroom Group

Amidst a frenzy of millions of views and thousands of release requests on a viral video from his live set, rising Naarm-based Lebanese-Australian dance producer Tobiahs drops his euphoric new anthem, "Lifetime."

Launched with a huge viral teaser from Tobiahs' recent Melbourne show, with the video amassing more than 9 million views across TikTok and Instagram, an early bootleg found its way to Pete Tong, who ended up spinning the unreleased edit on BBC Radio 1 to over 5k Shazam-ing listeners.

On the day of my show at Electric in Melbourne, I wanted to make something that would really connect with the crowd. A few hours before playing, I pieced together what was probably my fastest production to date. It all came together so naturally and the reception was amazing from the crowd, especially given it was a Tuesday night! It seems people around the world are having that same reaction.

It's a massive groundswell, rightly summoned by the undeniable allure of this driving, club-ready track. The opening beat saunters ahead of the hard-hitting and euphoric apex, sampling the recognized vocal from "PARADISE" by Chicago-based artist and producer NOT THE TWOS. ‘Lifetime' oozes with confidence and maturity, a testament to the young producer's accomplished style.

With over 30 million streams to his name (and counting), an ARIA-gold plaque, and a viral club sensation now blowing up social media, Tobiahs is rapidly becoming one of the world's most exciting and in-demand young producers. His ability to cross-pollinate club and streaming tracks sits him in a unique space, perfectly balancing forward-thinking tastemaker dance productions with earworm pop melodies and vocal cuts.

Producing and DJing since the age of 16, it was breakthrough singles "Through to You" and "Sculpted" that put the Lebanese-Australian artist firmly on the map, with national radio play and festival debuts. The 2019 single "Late Night" served as a further launching point, growing consistently year on year and achieving ARIA Gold status. Tobiahs has since built on this foundation with a string of singles drawing influence from an eclectic pool of genres spanning house, garage, pop, tech-house, and R&B melodies.

This year, Tobiahs has been upping the energy with his headline live series featuring all original music, playing to wild crowds at TOBIAHS001 and 002. With new live cuts constantly dropping via his SoundCloud, stay tuned for 003 being announced soon. Ever-conscious of making music that strikes a chord with people on the dancefloor, and if the last month can tell us anything, it's that the world is watching and ready to dance.

Tobiahs - Lifetime
Release Date January 2024
Label Mushroom Group

1. Lifetime

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