Sodomy by Jorkes

Jorkes returns to her Freeride Millenium label with provocative new EP Sodomy. It comes with remixes from Chinaski and Man Power and artwork and photography by Daniel Rajcsanyi.

Sodomy by Jorkes Photo by Daniel Rajcsanyi/Freeride Millenium

German-born but Austria-based Jorkes has been riding high on a wave of creativity recently with notable outings on top labels Permanent Vacation and Live At Robert Johnson. They are the latest releases in a long line that mix up sensuous disco, rough-edged house music, and plenty of culturally engaging sounds in between. As a result, she sits at the forefront of the underground as a DJ, promoter, producer, and radio host who centers on gender, queer and egalitarian issues in her work.

The opener, "Sodomy," is a deep, steamy rhythm with whispered vocals drawing you into an intimate atmosphere. Acid lines rumble down low while blasts of synths add a stark counterpoint as the intensity grows and you find yourself riding on the crest of a rumbling techno wave. The brilliantly loose drums and percussion of "Hotel Date" are overlaid with slick synth arps that encourage dancers to release their inner kinks. Guttural vocal sounds, dark wave vocals, spandex, and lashings of acid bring further life and energy to this sensual workout. The brilliant trio of originals closes with the loved-up "Where Are You," a deeper and more introspective track with synths radiating hope and happiness over romantic downtempo drums.

The track "Hotel Date" gets remixed by Chinaski, a resident DJ at Robert Johnson and producer for labels like Running Back, with a hooky synth sound that draws inspiration from his love of soundscapes and cinematography. He brings 80s synth vibes to his soaring and glistening future-retro disco workout. Man Power remixes "Sodomy" and is one of the most versatile artists in the scene. The Me Me Me label head does it all, from dark disco to raw techno on a tasteful range of outlets while playing the most cultured parties. Here he lays down heavy but rubbery drums that build the pressure with sensuous vocals and taught synth phrases driving home the groove.

Jorkes - Sodomy
Release Date 1st June 2023
Label Freeride Millenium

1. Sodomy (Original Mix)
2. Hotel Date (Original Mix)
3. Where Are You? (Original Mix)
4. Hotel Date (Chinaski Remix)
5. Sodomy (Man Power Remix)

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.