Space Time الزمكان EP by Zadig

Zadig kicks off the new Morrocan imprint, Sotor Records featuring remixes from heavyweight techno talents Perc and Oscar Mulero.

Space Time الزمكان EP by Zadig Photo by Sotor Records

Zadig is a French techno artist who has roots that date back to the 90s. He has played at major festivals and clubs globally and has an enviable discography that takes in vital releases on Deeply Rooted House, Tresor, Syncrophone Recordings, and many more. He is also part of the Unforeseen Alliance live project with Voiski, Antigone, and Birth of Frequency, who are label mates on his Construct Re-Form imprint.

The first release, "Space Time" الزمكان EP is about the lines of physics and metaphysics. Zadig kicks off the EP with the hammering فق الحدث - "Event Horizon" (Day Is Dying Mix), an all-out assault slammer with wall rattling synths and punchy drums. Perc has done everything from industrial noise to acerbic techno on his own Perc Trax label and a host of other fine and well-regarded outlets. Here the UK mainstay remixes فق الحدث - "Event Horizon" into a white knuckle ride with synths and snares fired out of a machine gun across the face of a tight, flat-footed liner techno groove. It's perfectly pure and intense techno.

Zadig's next original is السببية ال دائرية - "Circular Causality" and is a hyper-speed, rubbery cut with coarse hits and soaring leads that drive into the future. There is a raw funk in the beats that make it all the more irresistible. Oscar Mulero is a towering presence on the European techno scene and has been for years. The Spaniard is Warm Up Recordings label boss and a regular on the label and sub-label Pole Group. Here he flips السببية ال دائرية - "Circular Causality" into a pounding weapon with expansive kicks, highs balanced with dark, shadowy bass that makes it all the more compelling as your mind gets twisted inside out.

There are no-nonsense, high-grade techno tracks designed to make an unforgettable impact, which they do with effortless style.

Zadig - Space Time الزمكان EP
Release Date May/June 2021
Label Sotor Records

1. أفق الحدث - Event Horizon (Day is Dying Mix)
2. أفق الحدث - Event Horizon (Perc Remix)
3. السببية ال دائرية - Circular Causality (Original Mix)
4. السببية ال دائرية - Circular Causality (Oscar Mulero Remix)

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