Delicate Features presents Economic Outlook

Freeride Millenium kicks off its 2023 with an alluring new EP, Economic Outlook, from Russian emigres Delicate Features.

Delicate Features presents Economic Outlook Photo by Daniel Rajcsanyi/Freeride Millenium

Delicate Features is the moniker of composer Pavel Diakov and vocalist Radmila Nikogosian, a duo who have recently fled their native St Petersburg. Since making their debut in 2012, they have released music on this label as well as Cellar Tapes and Not Not Fun Records, exploring immersive soundscapes that invite listeners deep into their world. The events of the last year have led to the pair fleeing their homeland in search of a place that better represents their ideals and can provide the artist freedom they require. 

"The idea for this EP came to us during our escape from Russia," says the pair. "The last few years in Russia have been difficult. The government's pressure on freedom was felt more strongly so when the war was launched we urgently left Russia and went to Yerevan in Armenia since we could no longer stay in the aggressor country. The EP is a response to these terrible events that began in 2022 and are continuing to this day. It is an attempt to immediately reconsider what we have and make a change toward a peaceful future."

The opener "Formula of Faith" is a cosmically minded cut with beautiful melodic patterns unfolding over warm, rubbery house beats. It's wistful but dynamic while "Economic Outlook" is a dreamy and deep cut of synth-laden dub. Pads are smeared across a starry sky with all the soul of Detroit while the plump drums and buried bass add weight below. The fantastic "Get Ready" is a quick and physical house track with razor-sharp hi-hats and more majestic pads. The fulsome groove is detailed with meaningful chords that turn thoughts inwards as the power of the drums move ever onward on.

The excellence continues on "Melting Dream" which is cozy backroom music with emotional depth and persuasive drums. The myriad synth wisps and floating chords make it a heady affair that pairs romance with ruefulness. Last of all is the humid atmosphere and cavernous dub chamber of "Speed Of An Immobility" which sounds both futuristic and timeless. It's a world of subtle pads and booming bass that has real energy and tension.

Delicate Features - Economic Outlook
Release Date 23rd February 2023
Label Freeride Millenium

1. Delicate Features - Formula Of Faith
2. Delicate Features - Economic Outlook
3. Delicate Features - Get Ready
4. Delicate Features - Melting Dream
5. Delicate Features - Speed Of An Immobility

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