Female Alpha EP by Insolate

Croatian techno powerhouse Insolate steps up on Lady Tazz's Mind Medizin.

Female Alpha EP by Insolate Photo by Matej Jurcevic

Insolate has become a driving force in the Croatian and international techno scene over the last two decades. She heads up the Out Of Place label as well as the essential TRAUM events and dropped a vital album, "Order Is Chaos" in 2020. She counts the likes of Paula Temple, Ben Sims, and Truncate as fans and cooks up more direct dance floor destruction again here.

The opener "Female Alpha" is perfectly stripped back but impactful techno with supple drums and bass wrapping around each other as percussion peppers the groove and groaning vocals add sultry hooks. Canadian-Bangladeshi Lady Tazz is the creative force behind this label with her own provocative and erotic take on techno. She also heads up the label's parties, which are about making a safe space where people can unleash their inner kink, and has dropped killer tunes on the likes of Rekids' offshoot RSPX. Her remix of "Female Alpha" layers in heavy kicks and edgy stabs with spoken words panning about the mix to add paranoia to a most hypnotic and linear groove.

Insolate then serves up the Mills-style techno pressure of "Chichende" which is driven by pounding drums that work you into a state of trance. Glitchy claps peel off the groove as bleeps add extra tension to this most economical but efficient of club cuts. Last but not least "Fast Road to Nowhere" is just that - a mind-melting and unresolved techno trip to the darkest corners of space that loops in on itself infinitely.

Insolate - Female Alpha EP
Release Date January 2024
Label Mind Medizin

01. Female Alpha
02. Female Alpha (Lady Tazz Remix)
03. Chichende
04. Fast Road to Nowhere

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