Symmetry EP by DEAS

DEAS drops the heavy four-track Symmetry EP this summer on the coveted CLR label.

Symmetry EP by DEAS Photo by CLR

Previously appearing on CLR with Command EP in January, the Greece-born, Poland-based DJ/producer DEAS returns to Chris Liebing's imprint with Symmetry EP. Bringing another set of no-nonsense techno tracks, the BAU MUZIK honcho shows off his production chops across four sizzling productions.

"Symmetry" leads the release with grinding synths, ghostly vocals, and pumping percussion, moving into the rough "Crypto", which brings subtle modulations across an evolving, drum-led arrangement that is equal parts sparse and dense.

"Phase Two" follows with trippy bleeps, metallic hits, and heavy low-end meetings for a rugged, late-night offering. Closing out the release is "OB", which sees DEAS toy with creeping strings and textured loops, strung out across a 4/4 kick pattern for a tense and direct finalé.

DEAS - Symmetry EP
Release Date July 2022
Label CLR

01. Symmetry
02. Crypto
03. Phase Two
04. OB

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