Fragile by Delicate Features

Freeride Millennium welcomes back Delicate Features, as the duo prepares to kick off their 2021 schedule with five-track EP Fragile.

Fragile by Delicate Features Art by Freeride Millennium

Saint Petersburg-based Delicate Features is the moniker of composer Pavel Diakov and vocalist Radmila Nikogosian. Since making their debut in 2012, the pair has released material via Cellar Tapes and Not Not Fun Records, whilst delivering two EP's on Freeride Millenium and contributing to the label's charity live stream to celebrate the imprint's debut compilation last year. They continue to build their impressive discography this April with five immersive cuts in the form of the Fragile EP.

Blissful opener "Sun Circle" combines harmonic strings with delicate vocals to deliver a radiant and glistening production. "Jezebel" takes us down a slightly darker route, combining eerie synths and sinister melodies over a mid-tempo rhythm, whilst "Opened My Eyes" lays the focus on loose drums, organic percussion, and melancholy tones. The cinematic "This World" is an uplifting affair; here we see orchestral patterns fuse with luscious chords and further alluring vocals, before closing out proceedings via isolated lullaby, "Forever".

Delicate Features - Fragile
Release Date April 2021
Label Freeride Millenium

1. Sun Circle
2. Jezebel
3. Opened My Eyes
4. This World
5. Forever

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