Garnica debutes Fool Again album

Fool Again, the debut album from Rafael Garnica aka Garnica, represents his many years in the music scene as a DJ, music lover, drummer, and producer and embodies the sound that is Garnica.

Garnica debutes Fool Again album Photo by Alx Connor

Rafael Garnica has been involved with music from an early age since the late 90s. Starting out as a drummer and touring with bands, he eventually lost his soul to electronic music. DJing and studio work, together with 7 years of running his own radio show, has lead Garnica to develop a very distinct sound, taking influences from Venezuelan and South American music, old funk, disco vinyl and early 4-to-floor from the UK and neighboring regions.

His debut album, Fool Again, represents his many years in the music scene as a DJ, music lover, drummer and producer and embodies the sound of Garnica: melodic, nostalgic and optimistic with a fine balance between pop and underground. Sampling vinyl from the 70s, 80s and 90s and combining this with his impeccable taste and musicality, Fool Again is a masterpiece that has been achieved through enduring work and his love of music.

Remaining true to his first love, he continues to be a drummer with the hotly tipped Pulshar band on Desolat, as well as rock band GALGO and live sessions for many Barcelona based musicians. He’s produced and remixed for home brand Galaktika, with numerous releases, as well as 2 CD compilations: Cae Nieve en Caracas and 5 Years of Galaktika. Furthermore, he’s remixed for internationally known labels like Moodmusic, Wet Yourself and Trenton. The album includes a variety of top-notch remixes from Mario Basanov, Massimiliano Pagliara, Undo, Fur Coat, Trujillo, Pablo Bolivar and Txef-A.

Artistic designer Alex Trochut, who has worked for bands like Arcade Fire and The Rolling Stones, designed the artwork of the album. The process for the design was extraordinary and was conceived in an artistic way, starting with drops of water falling in different colors and resulting in a pop art design and very unique typography.

Garnica - Fool Again
Release date 26th March 2013
Label Galaktika Records

1. No Regrets
2. Love Someone
3. Put Your Hands
4. Fear Test
5. Interlude
6. I Don’t Care About Winning, I Care About Playing
7. Getting
8. D.B
9. Oh Korea Featuring Paulo Orlarte
10. Outro

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