Ona EP Part 2 by George Davis

George Davis drops part 2 of his Ona EP, filled with heavenly house, featuring a remix by the legendary Roy Davis Jr.

Ona EP Part 2 by George Davis Photo by Kickin' Up Dust

Kickin' Up Dust drops part 2 of the "Ona EP" by George Davis. A jazzy bassline, snazzy piano keys, and a rhythmical vocal send hips swinging and shoulders shaking in "Gomera," a track that Chicagoan legend Roy Davis Jr. then remixes with a "Chitown Vibe." Squelchy synths and organic percussion enter his version with a stylish swagger, maintaining the keys while moving the vocals to the back of the mix. Next up, "Bumpa" is built for the dancefloor, an infectious groove forming the base for whimsical flute-like melodies, before "Soul Journey" closes the record with a gorgeous slow-burning vision of sunset shores and distant views.

Following on from his first "Ona EP," which dropped on Kickin' Up Dust in March and won the support of artists like Honey Dijon, Nightmares On Wax, DJ Sneak, and many more, George Davis now drops part two in the series. The German label, which started in 2021 as a party in the techno capital of Berlin, first turned heads hosting artists with a funkier edge to them, such as Maurice Fulton, DJ Deep, and Louie Vega.

George Davis - Ona EP Part 2
Release Date November 2023
Label Kickin' Up Dust

01. Gomera
02. Gomera (Roy Davis Jr.'s Chitown Vibe)
03. Bumpa
04. Soul Journey
05. Gomera (Mellow Version) (Only Digital)

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