Adwer presents Memory Lane

Adwer showcases a selection of summery sounds on his new EP for Bolygó Records, which includes a remix from the fast-rising Alisa Filatova.

Adwer presents Memory Lane Photo by Bolygó Records

Adwer was formerly known as Adept and is a Budapest native who first started making tunes on his Commodore 64. Fast forward some 15 years, and he is now deeply immersed in the world of production, making club music and soundtracks signed to a Warner sub-label. Since 2016 he has made this label one of the underground's finest. In the past, his music has been supported by the likes of Dixon, Ame, and Maceo Plex, and this new one will likely follow suit.

Opener "Feel It In My Bones" is an effortlessly breezy sound with captivating melodies, lush vocals, and a meandering bassline that works its way into your affections. "Dark Future" is another blissed-out affair, driven by breaks and swooning synth strings that reach the heavens next to a melancholic vocoder vocal. "Memory Lane" is the most tender track on the EP, with shuffling, delicate and organic rhythms dancing beneath lush summer chords and bright harmonies that fill you with optimism.

Remixer Alisa Filatova is Ukraine-born and Spain based and signed to labels like this one which she helps to manage, as well as Natura Viva Black and Gain Records. Her take on "Memory Lane" is darker, more club-ready, and has deep techno sounds with rolling drums and expansive cosmic synth work.

Adwer - Memory Lane
Release Date 1st September 2023
Label Bolygó Records

1. In my Bones
2. Memory Lane
3. Dark Future
4. Memory Lane (Alisa Filatova remix)

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