Gespenster by Chiraya

Norwegian duo Chiraya drops their debut album Gespenster on renowned Bergen-based techno label PLOINK just in time for Christmas.

Gespenster by Chiraya Photo by Ploink

Oslo artists Fredrik Fagerhaug and Alexander Ramstad aka Chiraya have developed a raw, analog sound over the years, with live sets across Norway and releases on Entrepôt Records and Plant 74 Records.

Originating as an elusive Norwegian techno party, the illustrious PLOINK now welcomes Chiraya to their holistic roster along with the likes of Skatebard, Prins Thomas, Mental Overdrive, +plattform, Joaquin Ruiz, Christian Tilt, and more.

"Manefisken" kicks things off with chiming cymbals, undercurrent harmonic strings, a digitally crunchy acid pattern, and distorted bass drums before "Rabiat" and "Anthraxion" deliver jarring synths, tight hi-hats and flowing percussion.

"Velodrom" ups the energy with thundering kicks, 303 rhythms and induces an adrenaline rush with its break until the patchwork of "Bastant" subtlety breaks up the traditional four-four groove while "Abyss" shifts the aural journey into a deep, echoed and enchanting dub frequency space. "God Morgen Norge" closes the album on an atmospheric tip with stereo panning effects, haunting keys, and continually fleeting pads.

Chiraya - Gespenster
Release Date
December 2019
Label Ploink

1. Manefisken
2. Rabiat
3. Anthraxion
4. Velodrom
5. Bastant
6. Abyss
7. God Morgen Norge

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