Hardcore Seoul by Lawrence Lee

Lawrence Lee releases Hardcore Seoul on P.leone & Caiazzo's label, E-Missions, this month.

Hardcore Seoul by Lawrence Lee Photo by E-Missions

Celebrating E-Missions' 15th release, the NYC-based label taps A7A label boss and Rinse France resident Lawrence Lee for a pair of heavy-hitting techno tracks backed with remixes from label mates Tred and False Witness.

Across the release, all four tracks keep the energy levels high with an intoxicating blend of techno, electro, and beyond. The title track "Hardcore Seoul" sees pounding kicks mixed with hypnotic pads and a thick, rolling low end. For his remix, Berlin's Tred injects rowdy vocal samples and a psytrance-esque bassline for an intense take on the original.

On the flip, "Heavenorhell" sees Lee reaching for squelching acid lines and stuttering congas atop a four-by-four pattern for another high tempo tear out. Closing out the release, False Witness delivers an electro-tinged interpretation of "Heavenorhell", reaching for sizzling drum machines and ominous synth work for a menacing end to another standout techno release from E-Missions.

Helmed by P.leone and Caiazzo since its inception in 2017, E-MISSIONS has cultivated widespread respect for releasing cutting-edge, off-kilter techno from artists approaching club music from unconventional angles.

Lawrence Lee - Hardcore Seoul
Release Date April 2022

01. Hardcore Seoul
02. Hardcore Seoul (Tred Remix)
03. HeavenorHell
04. HeavenorHell (False Witness Remix)

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