Hat-Hoor Sistrum by Sounds of Khemit

The cultured Sounds of Khemit returns with another various artists EP that takes us deep into their mystic house world.

Hat-Hoor Sistrum by Sounds of Khemit Art by Sounds of Khemit

As per all Sounds of Khemit releases, this one is based on an ancient concept. They explain, "Hathor, or as the hieroglyphs read Hat-Hoor, is known as "Lady of Stars." She represented music, arts, dance, joy, love, sexuality, fertility, and maternal care and is an important principle in Sounds of Khemit who nourishes with her divine light and the energy that surrounds us at all future gatherings."

Valentín Huedo is a son of Ibiza and an award-winning artist who has released his organic sounds on All Day I Dream. His fantastic "Egyptian Affair" is a deep and pulsing techno roller that locks you into a meditative state. The mysterious synth modulations and balmy pads bring scale and spiritualism and ensure maximum heady impact in the club.

Next comes Sydka who has landed on the likes of MONADA, Kamai Music, and Lump Records. "Soul Intrigue" is a deep house tune that lolls on heavy, rolling kick drums. Shamanistic wind sounds, tambourine tickles, and glitchy hits bring a tribal tinge to this subversive dance floor summons.

Last of all is Underyourskin Records' Berlin-based house and techno live band Kyongpaul fronted by jazz-drummer Hannes Dunker. Their "Somebody" is another dubbed out and shuffling deep house cut with plenty of wide-open synth craft and mystic leads that take you down a psyched-out rabbit hole.

These are magical sounds that pair futuristic designs with a sense of ancient dance music rituals.

Various Artists - Hat-Hoor Sistrum
Release Date April 2022
Label Sounds of Khemit

01. Valentín Huedo - Egyptian Affair
02. Sydka - Soul's Intrigue
03. Kyongpaul - Somebody

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