Heart432 by Jay Tripwire & Modern Ancient

Long time house innovator Jay Tripwire links up with mysterious up-and-coming Vancouver-based producer Modern Ancient on the gorgeous Heart432 single on Superfreq. It includes three distinctly different versions plus a superb remix from Dance Spirit.

Heart432 by Jay Tripwire & Modern Ancient Photo by Superfreq

An old-school throwback from the days of illegal warehouses and after-hours parties from Vancouver all the way down to San Diego, Jay Tripwire has been responsible for some of the most exciting underground house music to come out of North America in the last nearly two decades. Releasing on Desert Hearts, Akbal Music, Viva Recordings, and more this is his first outing on this label since 2016’s "Brothers EP". Little else is known about his collaborator here but the music finds him exploring working with different tunings using 432 and 528hz and writing with certain healing frequencies in mind.

In original form, "Heart432" is nearly ten minutes of a delicate and delightfully melodic tech-fueled house that burrows deep inside your brain. The subtle frequencies resonate perfectly and do magical things to your synapses as angelic pads light it up from behind. The drums are supple and rolling and all in all, this makes for a perfectly transcendental trip. Label regulars Dance Spirit step up to remix and layer in watery sound effects, more gorgeous pads, and sci-fi effects that add to the overall lushness of the groove. It's another magnificently mellifluous track that sounds like little else.

Jay then offers a Spiritual Heartbreak Mix that has paddy drums rocking back and forth on their heels and the celestial chords bringing real emotion to the track, while the Meditation Mix is a beatless bit of gorgeous ambient that soothes the mind, body, and soul.

This emotive single is perhaps among Jay’s most mature, sophisticated, and beautiful music to date.

Jay Tripwire & Modern Ancient - Heart432
Release Date
March 2018
Label Superfreq

1. Heart432 (Original Mix)
2. Heart432 (Dance Spirit Remix)
3. Heart432 (Spiritual Heartbreak Mix)
4. Heart432 (Meditation Mix)
5. Heart432 (Spirit Tool)

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