Homecoming by Elyas

Marseille's Elyas drops the four-track techno EP Homecoming on his Seclusion label this month.

Homecoming by Elyas Art by Seclusion

Previously appearing on Modularz, Olympian, and Soma, France's Elyas has been pushing quality techno for close to a decade, having played at prestigious venues such as Tresor, Berghain, Corsica Studios, amongst others. For his latest effort, "Homecoming" for his Seclusion imprint, Elyas prepares four stomping techno weapons tinged with psychedelic atmospherics.

Leading the release, "Azimuth inverted" sees tripped out basslines and sharp percussion meeting warped FX for a driving opener, before the title track "Homecoming" follows with emotive pads and sliced up vocal samples under pounding kick drums. "Anxiety" brings hypnotic, rolling low end together with oscillating synths, before the final cut "Transmutation" closes the EP with an ever-evolving, dense techno jam.

Elyas - Homecoming
Release Date April 2022
Label Seclusion

01. Azimuth inverted
02. Homecoming
03. Anxiety
04. Transmutation

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