Witness Protection EP by Butane

Following the final EP on his Alphahouse imprint, Andrew Rasse aka Butane unveils his new Extrasketch imprint, kicking things off with three club-ready Tech House cuts in the form of his Witness Protection EP.

Witness Protection EP by Butane Photo by Jason Bax Photography

Following the closure of his long-running Alphahouse label this summer, new project and blank canvas Extrasketch will become Butane’s primary creative outlet from July onwards, signaling a fresh start from the San Francisco based talent. Limited edition vinyl runs will feature hand-drawn artwork unique to each release by Cape Town designer and DJ Bruno Morphet. Mastered at Curve Pusher in London, the series of Butane only productions are set to showcase not only a producer at the top of his game but also Rasse’s considerable abilities as a label owner to curate and educate within the realms of underground House and Techno.

After nearly 15 years as a professional in this business, I recognize that everything was leading to this point. I’ve released my music on plenty of big labels, and I’m thankful for those opportunities, but I’ve come to peace with the idea that, as a label owner myself, I’m the single best custodian of my artistic vision. From this point onwards I will succeed solely on my own crazy ideas about what House and Techno music should look like, feel, and sound like.

Living in California, I’m removed from the influence and trends of New York, London, and Berlin. I’m in my own creative world out there. Making music has always been about exploration for me, so let us see where this goes.

The EP opens with "Drop Out", a raw and stripped back House track that subtly transforms into a jacking warehouse monster, armed with ominous and twisting bass licks, tripped out vocals and laser precision drum shots. Next up, "Rave Trash" employs bright stabs to guide shimmering hats; whilst haunting vocals and delicate melodies float effortlessly amongst the mix.

On the B-side, "Witness" goes back to basics and shapes things up by utilizing hypnotic, rolling grooves throughout, whilst rugged kicks and organic percussion patterns work their way around an ever-evolving, murky low-end melody. This is the beginning of a new chapter immersed in self-expression, new ideas and artistic exploration aimed squarely at the dancefloor, and as expected, Rasse duly delivers.

Butane - Witness Protection EP
Release Date
17th July 2017
Label Extrasketch

1. Drop Out
2. Rave Trash
3. Witness

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