Inside Pax by Minus Magnus

Mhost Likely Black label boss Minus Magnus is back on his imprint with a single entitled Inside Pax including remixes from Might Be Twins and TRUSSEL.

Inside Pax by Minus Magnus Art by Mhost Likely Black

As one of Bergen's most exciting underground talents, Minus Magnus' sound stands out as he lays down a slamming mix of techno with breaks, electro, and rave music. As a DJ and producer, his take on techno resonates by combining dirtiness, body music, and analog sounds. From being a former techno and trance DJ to being a studio producer of all kinds of music, Magnus has found his way back to the roots and does what he loves most via his Mhost Likely imprint.

"Inside Pax" is a rolling warehouse techno cut layering menacing mechanics, choppy vocals, resonating kicks, and pumping fx before Norwegian duo Might Be Twins' remix lay down shimmering grooves, hypnotic modulations, and shattering synths. Up next, TRUSSEL's version of "Inside Pax" gives light to breaks-tinged drums, dreamy pads, and growling low frequencies until the pack rounds off with an instrumental mix that is sure to light up any dancefloor.

Minus Magnus - Inside Pax
Release Date 10th September 2021
Label Mhost Likely Black

1. Inside Pax (Original Mix)
2. Inside Pax (Might Be Twins Remix)
3. Inside Pax (TRUSSEL Remix)
4. Inside Pax (Instrumental Mix)

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