Interview with John Digweed

In promotion of the upcoming 10th Anniversary Party and Bedrock 10 release. We have a great interview with the legend that is John Digweed.

Interview with John Digweed Photo by Bedrock Records

Congratulations - It’s been 10 years! Did you ever expect Bedrock to go so long?
I think as long as you are having fun and enjoying it you don’t really look at the clock that much. We have been very lucky to work with some amazing talent who inspire us.

Bedrock has been instrumental in many DJs careers namely Danny Howells, how does that feel?
Danny was one of those talents that just needed the right stage. I think the early years in Hastings and at the start of Heaven gave him a real understanding of how a night works from start to finish; not just turning up and playing your set. I think he gets it and that’s he has gone on to do so well.

You have gone down a different route to the usual ‘Greatest Hits’ type album. Tell us about the concept.
Well, all the tracks are on the label and have been available on vinyl and digital so there is not really any sense in just mixing them for this album. People expect more these days. The original idea was get some of my favourite tracks, get them remixed and release them on a double CD then… however, I decided to mix the 2 CDs and then add a bonus CD with some new tracks from artists like Funk D void, Pindrop, Bradler and Nick Muir to name a few. The whole album is pretty much new remixes of the catalogue or original tracks so a pretty collectable album.

You had loads of tracks to choose from, how did you make your choices?
I really to choose my favourites from the last 10 years, unfortunately, some did not get finished in time so there may be an EP some time next year with those on. Keep an eye out for it.

How come you came up with these producers to remix the catalogue?
I wanted to use people that have really impressed me with there work over the years or showcase some of the new talents that there is out there.

Do you think there is a limit on how much you can interfere with someone else's music?
If the end result works, I don’t have a problem with it.

Is there any standout tracks for you?
I love the Jamie Stevens remix of ‘Warung Beach’ and Tom Middleton’s remix of ‘Forge’, but to be honest I like all of them.

You are holding the 10th Anniversary Party @ matter when the Bedrock Parties have always been at Heaven, why the change?
Heaven is a magical place and somewhere that I, and many Bedrock fans, have had some amazing nights. We just felt that for the 10th Anniversary it would be good to do something really different and the matter is run by the people behind fabric so you know the sound, lighting and production is going to pretty special. It’s an amazing venue and people have been blown away by it so it's really exciting to do our party there.

Who is djing at the party?
I am in the main room from 10 pm until the end and room 2 will feature Tom Middleton and Funk D Void, I am really looking forward to playing all night, It starts at 10 pm on the 10th of the 10th (October) so ties in really well with the 10-year Celebrations.

The Bedrock parties were THE industry hang out! Do you have any special moments that you can think of?
I loved the show with Rabbit in the Moon – it was a pretty special night.

You are touring extensively for the album? Are there any shows you are looking forward to?
I am looking forward to all of them but am really looking forward to going to Japan – it should be great as always.

What do you never leave home without?
My CDs and headphones.

What piece of kit can you not live without?
Apple laptop.

What makes you groove?
Music with soul.

How have you seen the music scene evolve over the last 10 years?
Well, I think the saddest thing is the demise of Vinyl and record shops. I know technology moves on but having a vinyl release is so much more satisfying for a producer than an mp3. On the flip-side being able to access so much music now when you are on the road is amazing

What are your highlights of the last 10 years?
Twilo in New York, Big Beach with Fatboy Slim in 2002, coming No.1 in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll but most of all, its been the great fan-base that have supported me all that time.

QuickFire Questions :
House or Techno? - House
Beer or Wine? - Wine
Dancefloor or VIP? - Behind the decks
Dress up or Dress Down? - Somewhere in the middle
Home or Away? - Lucky to do both
CD or Vinyl ? - Both
Pro Tools or Logic? - Logic
Past or Present? - Present
Ibiza or New York? - New York

Kim Smith Guest Writer