Interview with Moussa Clarke

We meet up with this Schizoid producer/DJ with big hair and a love for house. Meet Moussa Clarke aka Moose aka Philter aka Musique aka PF Project

Interview with Moussa Clarke Moussa Clarke

Tell us about yourself, who is Moussa Clarke aka Moose?
Moussa Clarke aka Moose aka Philter aka Musique aka PF Project. Schizoid producer/DJ with big hair with a love for house and breakbeat-driven nonsense.

You travel a lot in Europe and into Russia, which club or event was the most fun to play?
That's a tricky question - I've played at some great events in lots of different countries recently. Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Malta, Spain + some amazing parties in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia and closer to home in the UK. The scene in Eastern/Central Europe and Russia/Central Asia has a lot of energy so I suppose its a bit of a favourite at the moment... but you never know what's round the corner... A party in any country can be a revelation.

What kind of a approach do you have when you are beginning on a new track or remix?
Sometimes I start with the vocal or some loops, a basic groove or maybe some chords or a melody, other times we might be doing a sample based track. There's not really any formula :) The main thing is to get to that stage when it clicks for you and you've got something that moves you in some way... then you just cross your fingers and hope other people like it.

In your mind, which is the biggest tune ever made, regardless of music genre?
Probably something by Stevie Wonder, The Police, or Giacomo Puccini :) but you know it depends what mood I'm in...

In your opinion, has the view of the DJ as a Producer changed since you started out?
Its more important than ever to do both I think to really cut through the myriads of djs out there. Plus both satisfy a different impulse. DJing is the closest equivalent the dance scene has to live performance, and its cool to have that immediacy, while production work is more slow-burn... They both complement each other although they're different skills.

What is happening in the near future, any new releases or interesting events?
2004 will be a busy year.... My new track Philter - "Ultimate" has just been signed to Whoop and Presslab and will be out soon with remixes by Mike Monday and Presslaboys. Otherwise Musique - "Fade Away" looks like it will be coming out on Hi-Bias in North America. On the remix front, Ive just finished Plummet - "Cherish" for Xquizit and have got other mixes lined up for Oi Va Voi, LBP, Warner Powers, Troni & Sebastian and more...

My compilation for Plastique Records will be released in Russia/CIS in March (Club Mekkas Vol1).
Also I will be relaunching the Oven Ready label sometime this summer... In the meantime we've got another track out on Presslab (Denmarks excellent and prolific ASLE with "Revelation") and also through Invent (Russia's Korean & Mutabor with "Paris Dakar") and finally Player Records (The hugely funky Cargohead - "Friends" which features Daniel Thomas on vocals) Finally on the events and tours side there's loads coming up. The launch night for the new Oven Ready night at Vega in Copenhagen was a huge success, and there will be more to come plus new regular nights elsewhere in Europe.

For my part, Ive got two new international residencies in Russia and Kazakhstan which I will be announcing soon, plus I should be making my debut in Tokyo in the Spring, which Im very excited about, to add to forthcoming tour dates in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK, a summer tour in the Balkans Etc etc... More info on all Oven Ready goings on are here:

Please list your biggest tunes of 2003 and also if you have any cool tunes for 2004?
1. Jark Prongo - "Dark City" - Pssst
Obscure eighties rock loop meets house - huge
2. Aura - "Dark Sweet Piano" - Oxyd
Melancholy vocal. Wally Lopez mix still gets people on the floor.
3. Stephane Malca - "Revolution" - Kinky
Mike Monday's Badman mix tears dancefloors apart
4. Openair - "Seven Nation Army" - Skint
Cover version rather than bootleg. One of many versions doing the rounds but it works.
5. Free*land - "Supernatural" - Marine Parade
Now out with excellent Tom Middleton mixes, but the original from last summer is still a showstopper.

1. Moose aka Philter - "Ultimate" - Whoop/Presslab
Mike Monday remixes do it acid house style.
2. LBP - "Run on Empty" - LBP
Mad preacher speech with fierce acid house backing (is there a theme developing here?)
3. Cargohead - "Friends" - Player Records
Big girly house - big girly grin.
4. Jark Prongo - "Wet Pants, Smutty Elbows"
Come and rock in my electro house.
5. Tom Neville - "Just F*ck"
Wobbly messed up house music + computerised vox + head mangling breakdown=hit

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