Interview with Stafford Brothers

A little quick interview with the very busy Stafford Brothers to see what they are up to.

Interview with Stafford Brothers Photo by Stafford Brothers

What has been the highlight of 2010 so far?
2010 has had lots of great highlights, and we are only half way there! Doing the Future Music tour nationally in Australia was great, but also touring places like Santo Domingo and France, where we had never been was also amazing. Its crazy one day you are Djing on a beach, the next you are in a snow resort snowboarding and playing some tracks, you can’t really beat it.

We LOVE that electronic music is bigger than ever, the time of the superstar DJ seems to be back again – with DJs collaborating with mega stars etc , what’s your take on it all?
We think its all positive for dance/electronic music. It does mean its becoming more commercial, but overall we think that’s good for the industry. Bigger is better!!

What have you got coming out for the rest of 2010?
Music wise we have a new single currently out called "Wasted" which is smashing it in the clubs, following that we have a track called "Can’t stop what we started" with Ollie James and Jason Herd.

We have also collaborated with Kris Menace in Germany for a track to be released on ‘We play’ soon, and following that another German release with Dabruck and Klein. So much music coming out, and finally there is a track with our UK brothers the Hoxton Whores, which looks like it will be out in the USA!

Tell us something we wouldn’t already know about you both.
Chris is currently the Australian stage diving Champion and he will be competing at the worlds later in the year. Matt cooks an amazing Spaghetti Bolognese.

What’s this about you being the stars of your own TV show? Tell all!
Yes we do have a show coming out. It is six episodes, launching in Australia in January and hopefully hitting the rest of the world following that. It’s basically about our lives, and relationships with those around us. Expect to see crazy parties, exotic locations, Djing, extreme sports, music, and the lifestyle that goes with it. We are filming in Europe from late July so pretty crazy!

Maggie Stein Guest Writer