Interview with Yousef

Mathias Haegglund caught up with Yousef and they talked about the Underwater Release. This is what he had to say.

Interview with Yousef Photo by Jordi Gomez

Hi Yousef, how you doing today ?
Feeling a little tired, had a long weekend of fun, DJing at Bestival (the best festival of all time!) and playing at dusted in Ibiza, as well as a day out at DC10, which was fun. I had a day in the studio where I completed a new track, so feeling good overall.

It has been a crazy year for you in terms of gigging and productions have any particular moments stood out ?
Gigs wise there have been many highlights but the two that stand out are my 5 hour set at Circus which was insane! I got an incredible reception from my home crowd. I was very proud. The other was playing for Carl Cox at Space in Ibiza; a 4 hour set before Danny Tenaglia on Le Terraza, the best Ibiza gig I’ve ever done response wise, if not the best gig I’ve ever done. Getting more and more of my music out there has also been great, it’s all going to plan…

What is your biggest achievement so far ?
Making a career out of a hobbie is the biggest achievement, doing something I love for a living is an incredible feeling.

Tell us about your new music projects ? You have a new album out soon? Tell us about it ?
I’ve got a lot of music ready to roll right now, various singles, Carl Cox vs. Yousef “I want you” on Cr2, which is building nicely. My other track “my own best myself” is set to come out on Carioca in late October too, it’s a techno vocal track featuring my ‘Fury’ edit, which is a complete head wrecking track, really nasty. It’s been Carl Cox’s “secret weapon” for a while now and it’s been really going off for me.

It features on my forthcoming Underwater Solo Double mix compilation which is recorded live and show’s my whole club music spectrum, it covers house, techno, electronica and some vocals.

How did you come about the tracklisting ?
I wanted to show where I’ve been for the last year and where I’m going in the next. I didn’t want it to be a super upfront mix… I wanted it reflect a full set from Circus (for example), showing the beginning, the middle and the end of a set. I therefore delved into my CD wallet, looked deeper, bought a lot of new stuff, mixed with some personal classics, and just went with it. I’m happy with the results for sure.

Any stand out tracks ?
Paul Ritch – Norbandahoff
Pier Bucci – Hay Consuelo (Samim mix)
Yousef – My Own Best Myself (Fury edit)

I notice you have a few of your own tracks on there – any plans for a release ?
Spook and the Approach are already released on Cr2 records, they came out late last year; they were both big for me (and for many DJs!) so I wanted to use them. “My Own Best Myself” is upfront but needed to be on there. It’s the hardest record I’ve made, or played but it’s so furious, I thought it would be a good platform to let people know it exists.

So how does it feel to do an Underwater compilation solo series ?
I’m happy to be part of the underwater team; it’s a great label with a fantastic history so I’m glad to be part of it.

Any plans for a solo album ?
None yet but I’ve been making so much music lately that I’m half way there if I think about it. I’m learning more about music, writing lyrics and working on hook lines, who knows? I’m no going to force the issue but it could be possible yes.

What have you got coming up in the next few months ?
As well as the aforementioned releases, I will be touring! This will include the UK, Asia, Australia, America, South America and Europe. I’m working on more music while I’m away in the above places too; remixes coming out for Underwater for Majik Johnson and for Morton Alick on Denmark’s Okyo records… both of which are pretty much total new tracks.

What does the future hold for Yousef ?

When does your album come out ?
October 22nd 2007

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