Worthy Of Love EP by Desna feat. Blair

Desna closes out 2023 with the final Frequency Made Music release of the year as she explores concepts of self-love with her latest EP Worthy Of Love.

Worthy Of Love EP by Desna feat. Blair Art by Frequency Made Music

Fresh from the first anniversary celebrations of her Frequency Made Music label, NYC's DESNA is already looking forward and setting up the next goals, challenges, and explorations for the flourishing project. Building on the success of the first year, from the 500,000+ streams via Spotify to the Beatport #1 release placement, plus appearances at the likes of Electric Zoo, Knockdown Center, Avant Gardner, and Superior Ingredients in her home city, attention is turned to exploring new ideas, pairing new frequencies and delivering yet more healing tones within underground house and techno. Closing out an impressive 2023, the Brooklyn-based DJ/producer and live artist has one final EP as she delves into themes and concepts surrounding the idea of self-love with her latest EP, "Worthy Of Love."

The "Worthy of Love EP" theme is around self love. How many of us feel unworthy in many areas of our life? What causes self-doubt, worthlessness, defeat, insecurities etc.? Whether you are spiritual or not, we have all struggled with self love at one point in our lives. When we can love ourselves, we represent wholeness. When we are whole, we can freely give that love to others. As always, this EP was created with therapeutic solfeggio frequencies; the calming and harmonious tones 963 Hz and 852 Hz are high vibe frequencies that have been stated to lower anxiety and promote relaxation.

The opener "Self Love 963 Hz" is dark and trippy, yet brings a subtle lightness via swirling melodies deep in the mix and twisted vocals, harnessing the 936 Hz frequency across a rolling and heady trip. Next, "Worthy Of Love 852 Hz" welcomes a slice of calmness and serenity to proceedings as hazy chords float above punchy kicks and icy hats, with hooky vocal snippets capturing the attention, before "Oneness" feat. Blair returns to the original Hz and dives for the deep corners and late-night hours of the night - with the acapella also available to round out the package.

Desna feat. Blair - Worthy Of Love EP
Release Date December 2023
Label Frequency Made Music

1. Self Love 963 Hz
2. Worthy Of Love 852 Hz
3. Oneness feat. Blair 963Hz
4. Oneness feat. Blair (Acapella)

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