Keep Asking by Goeran Meyer

Goeran Meyer kicks off 2022 with a new EP entitled, Keep Asking, on his ever-excellent MYR label.

Keep Asking by Goeran Meyer Photo by MYR

Meyer is in a fine run of form that last saw him release two stylish electronic tracks here back in October. They were the latest in a long line of fresh sounds from the German, who has put out more than 30 releases on labels like Tulipa Recordings, Wonnemusik, and Fine Beatz but has in recent years focused on his own MYR label. The DJ, producer, and live artist is someone who always crafts ever-changing landscapes of audio sculptures that make both physical and emotional impacts.

The beautifully deft "Critical" opens with elegant synths floating way up high above a warm and rolling groove. It is a star-gazing tune that traps you in a thoughtful reverie and keeps on rolling late into the night. "Difficult" is masterfully melancholic, with sustained chords bringing the emotion as subtle melodies add rays of light. This most widescreen track is spacious yet carefully detailed with sound and offers a different kind of dance floor experience.

Goeran Meyer - Keep Asking
Release Date February 2022
Label MYR

1. Critical
2. Difficult

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