2017 Winter Sampler by Faceless Recordings

Faceless Recordings returns this march with its diverse 2017 Winter Sampler, featuring six original tracks from The Forgotten, Vibeke Bruff, The Relative Zero, Karl Frampton, and more.

2017 Winter Sampler by Faceless Recordings Photo by Faceless Recordings

The stretched out dulcet tones of The Forgotten’s ‘Feel Irie’ kick starts proceedings, where twisted synths and a reverberated guitar riff feed off each other to create a mind bending track.

Norway’s Vibeke Bruff then brings his tight production and minimal groove into effect, whilst lacing ominous vocals into ‘Sexy body’, before The Relative Zero’s ‘Ride’ utilises a crafty bass hook with meandering chords and subtle shimmering drums.

Karl Frampton’s ‘Orbit’ then goes down a deeper club focused route, in which hypnotic dissipating percussion combines to create a killer groove infused with a wavering acid bass line. Donnie Lowe & Freak The Disco’s aptly named ‘Voodoo’ then goes tribal, incorporating rainforest field recordings with off kilter organic percussion and a rumbling low end.

Barber and Capital Xtra’s Coco Cole then close the package with their peak time builder ‘Dr. Smoke’, where panning mid range synths and echoing vocals merge with an infectious groove fuelled by crashing snares and devious rides to create a killer cut.

Various Artists - 2017 Winter Sampler
Release Date 20th March 2017
Label Faceless Recordings

1. The Forgotten - Feel Irie
2. Vibeke Bruff - Sexy Body
3. The Relative Zero - Ride
4. Karl Frampton - Orbit
5. Donnie Lowe & Freak The Disco - Voodoo
6. Barber & Coco Cole - Dr. Smoke

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