XX 15 by Decoder

Decoder returns to Molecular Recording to deliver a mesmerizing blend of sci-fi and deep techno on XX 15.

XX 15 by Decoder Art by Molecular Recordings

His music, a fusion of forward-thinking ideas and cultural roots, creates retro-futuristic soundscapes with experimental electronic shades. Diverse in its sound, ranging from raw techno to arpeggio-focused beats, Decoder's tracks showcase crisp, clean production with a minimal yet highly effective approach.

Each composition, featuring atmospheric melodies and techno kicks, embodies the less is more philosophy. It's a captivating showcase of Decoder's vision - a seamless journey through minimalism, surreal melodies, and innovative soundscapes.

Decoder - XX 15
Release Date 12th January 2024
Label Molecular Recordings

1. Decoder - XX 15 A1
2. Decoder - XX 15 A2
3. Decoder - XX 15 B1
4. Decoder - XX 15 B2

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.