Living In Slow by Feiertag

Living In Slow is the first single from Feiertag's forthcoming Sonar Kollektiv mini-album entitled, Dive.

Living In Slow by Feiertag Art by Sonar Kollektiv

Feiertag aka Dutchman Joris Feiertag is a label mainstay who fuses syncopated downtempo rhythms with international vocalists to make for exotic, escapist grooves. He has also done so for labels like Last Night on Earth and Kitsune while performing mesmeric live shows. The upcoming album is more uptempo and edgy than his deliciously deep and downtempo last one, "Time To Recover", and that is exemplified by this super new single which shows a whole new side.

It opens with a heartfelt vocal coo that rides a roughshod, scuffed-up beat. Warming chords then arrive and are bent and skewed around the mix. As per this artist's signature sound, he melts the synthetic with the organic, the played with the produced. Languid strings, chopped-up vocals, and found sounds increasingly color the groove and you eventually find yourself swaying to the most inviting beat.

Feiertag - Living In Slow
Release Date December 2021
Label Sonar Kollektiv

01. Living In Slow

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.