Lollipop EP by Bingewatch

LA-based Bingewatch debuts on North Of Neptune with his two-track, Lollipop EP.

Lollipop EP by Bingewatch Photo by North Of Neptune

Bingewatch is a big player in the Los Angeles Underground circuit and beyond. He is stepping out on Lee Foss's North Of Neptune for the first time, delivering two bassline-driven productions across his "Lollipop EP."

"Lollipop" doesn't hide its dancefloor sensibilities, fusing dynamic percussion, IDM glitches, chopped-up vocals, and a memorable synth, making it a true club roller. "Libre" takes things into an acoustic territory with its clean Latin vocals and guitar. Tied together with minimal tech-style drums and bassline, it takes the listener on a sun-infused electronic adventure.

Bingewatch - Lollipop EP
Release Date January 2024
Label North Of Neptune

1. Lollipop
2. Libre

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