Subjects presents Evolution

Subjects reveal their identity and announce the Evolution LP on the Deep Jungle imprint.

Subjects presents Evolution Art by Deep Jungle

Deep Jungle label boss Harmony and fellow drum and bass veteran Modified Motion form Subjects. The previously anonymous duo step out of the shadows following five years worth of records on the label to unveil their debut "Evolution" LP. This breaks-laden opus is a must-have in the record bags of the experienced junglist.

Gentle jazz-like melodies coexist with riotous amens in the opener, "One More Time," setting the tone for this 12-track vital ode to the influential rave movement of the 90s. Frantic percussion and subs that pack a punch are rampant on the release, shuffling and pummeling alike as ragga samples and pitched-up vocals alternate throughout. "Find Him" bursts out with flanged breaks while "Time Tunnel" utilizes arcane synths, and the underground track "Listen Now" burrows into the darkness with the untiring strikes of its drums. At the same time, "Sunray" emerges with bright beats and passionate vocals. The smooth piano track "Lost Soul" then tugs at the heartstrings before the finisher "Stand Up" kicks things back up a notch with a furious rhythm and a trip-inducing breakdown. The "Evolution" LP showcases jungle throughout the decades, with modern twists and turns and a timeless high-caliber feel.

Lee Bogush, aka Harmony, started releasing music in 1991 for labels like Lucky Spin, Section5, and Moving Shadow. After a hiatus in the 2000s, the artist re-launched his Deep Jungle label by putting out DATs containing unreleased material from legends like Dillinja, DJ Nut Nut, and Adam F, as well as fresh music from modern jungle artists like Dwarde, Tim Reaper, Kid Lib and himself. Modified Motion, the alias of Anthony John, is known for his innovative approach to drum and bass, which has seen him build a chart-topping catalog on the Dynamic Audio label, which he runs together with fellow artist Faction.

Subjects - Evolution (LP)
Release Date 23rd June 2023
Label Deep Jungle

01. One More Time
02. For You
03. Find Him
04. Time Tunnel
05. Jah
06. Higher
07. Listen Now
08. Off Key
09. Sunray
10. Melodious
11. Lost Soul
12. Stand Up

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