Marsh presents Elation

Veteran producer Marsh lands on Sasha's Last Night On Earth label with new single Elation.

Marsh presents Elation Photo by Dan Medhurst

Since breaking out of the early melodic house scene, Marsh has earned himself a reputation for crafting warm, emotional productions, garnering support from heavyweights, including Joris Voorn, Cassian, and Pete Tong. With an impressive back catalog of releases to his name via labels like Anjunadeep, Spectrum, and SHÈN, Marsh now brings his unique sound to Last Night On Earth with his latest release, "Elation."

"Elation" is probably the closest track I've produced to techno. As I was developing the sound of the main riff, I stumbled upon the ‘ravey' sound you hear today, which felt like such a fun curveball. The riff gave me a lot of throwback vibes to old Prodigy records or even the likes of ‘Meet Her At The Love Parade' and ended up pointing me in the direction to finish the tune. I thought it would be a lot of fun to hear people singing along to the riff in my sets - and that has certainly been the case!

"Elation" plays like a dancefloor epic, expertly evolving from section to section. Opening with gentle atmospherics and clean drums, a dreamy and slightly ominous tone is set before angelic vocals and uplifting arps begin to break through the obscurity. These rise into a drum-break-driven climax as euphoric chords wash over the mix. No sooner than this is established, a rave stab cuts in through the noise, and the track is thrown into a banging four-to-the-floor drop, a moment likely to surprise and delight the dancefloor in equal measure.

Marsh - Elation
Release Date 3rd November 2023
Label Last Night On Earth

01. Elation (Edit)
02. Elation

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