Ocular Therapy by Circuit Faker

Circuit Faker's brand-new single Ocular Therapy serves as the opening track of his debut forthcoming album, Circumvolve.

Ocular Therapy by Circuit Faker Photo by Circuit Faker/Taylor Nelson

Taylor Nelson is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and electronic producer who goes by the stage name Circuit Faker. Blending buzzing synths, big beats, and soaring vocals, Circuit Faker draws from influences across many genres and past experiences in the groups Wiping Out Thousands, Tired Tongues, and The New Monarchs.

Having taken a hiatus after his last project and focusing on travel photography as his main creative outlet, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and localized lockdowns brought Taylor back to creating music, years after he last picked up an instrument. This led to the setup of a new home studio and the recording of numerous ideas and demos. As he wrote, Taylor found himself dreaming about the beauty of the world that existed beyond his house's four walls. With no sign of an end to the lockdown, he wondered if he would ever be able to view the world the same way. Thus was born the inspiration behind "Ocular Therapy". 

"Ocular Therapy" is an acknowledgment of both our disdain for the banality that dominated our lives as we waited, cooped up in our houses, and our appreciation of the expansive visual inspiration that existed in the outside world. 

The single is accompanied by a music video created by videographer Justin Shen. Shen's work was discovered by Taylor in the summer of 2023. He was immediately drawn to Shen's hyper-lapse filming, particularly the stuttering frame-lapse components. Taylor had always envisioned a music video for "Ocular Therapy," and Shen's style, which emphasizes recurring patterns, reflected the song's influence. The music video plays on the patterns found in both our realities - experiencing the repetition of the everyday and experiencing the similarities found within the vast beauty of the outside world.

Produced, mixed, and engineered at a home studio, the electronica offering has an energetic and hopeful production that features guitar, drums, bass, synthesizers, and drum machines. The vibrant production of "Ocular Therapy" is paired with captivating vocals that will draw the listener in immediately.

Circuit Faker - Ocular Therapy
Release Date March 2024
Label Circuit Faker

1. Ocular Therapy

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