Pigeon by The Supermen Lovers

Electronic innovator, The Supermen Lovers, is back with another dazzling new single named Pigeon which is taken from the forthcoming fourth album, Body Double, due next year.

Pigeon by The Supermen Lovers Photo by Cyrille George Jerusalmi

The Supermen Lovers may always be best known for mega-hit "Starlight" almost 20 years ago, but alongside that, he has been responsible for huge innovations in the world of what is now called nu disco. Over the course of various albums and EPs, he has fused jazz-funk, disco, house and an array of real instruments, analogue machines and skilled vocalists. His music has continually evolved as he journeys between the vocal electronic pop compositions he has been known for and a more hypnotic instrumental electro sound beloved of DJs and clubbers.

In recent years he has taken a lateral move into the world of film score composing, working with some of French cinema's leading lights, but now teases us with more gold from his forthcoming album.

The excellent "Pigeon" is a truly weird and wonderful instrumental electro track with an insane hook and irresistible groove. It conjures a hypnotic rhythm with a real sense of humour reminiscent of Mr Oizo's cult "Flat Beat", with bubbly bass, tooting arps and colourful melodies riding on the crisp drums. The playful single also comes with its own must-see and original video.

This is another spellbinding offering from this unique studio wizard and builds more excitement for the album following excellent first single "Clock Sucker".

The Supermen Lovers - Pigeon
Release Date November 2020
Label Word Up Records & La Tebwa

1. Pigeon

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